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Need over the phone support now?

Call our lactation consultants at 203-672-4747. A caregiver will answer if available. If not, please leave a message, and we’ll return your call by the next day.

How should I prepare for my first appointment?

  • Please ask your child's pediatrician to send us a copy of the most recent visit and/or growth charts before the visit.
  • Expect about 1.5-2 hrs. total appt. time for a detailed consultation including history and exams for both you and your baby/babies.
  • You will receive 2 different links for 2 different check-ins on your phone for 2 different patients (you and baby).
  • Plan to arrive at the earliest time given for your two appointments.
  • Please bring:
    • Whatever you're currently using for baby's feeds (Ex: expressed milk, formula, bottle).
    • Water and possibly a snack.
    • Your pump if any questions about use, comfort, or fit.
    • Any current medications you or baby need to take/use during appt.
    • Your partner or other support person is welcome per your preference

What can I expect at a typical appointment?

Most breastfeeding/chestfeeding challenges involve both the mother/lactating parent and the baby/child and we will be seeing both of you during the visit (occasionally your baby/child doesn't need to be present, call if you're unsure and a provider will get back to you).Plan on your visit taking at least 1.5 hrs (first visits possibly longer, follow ups possibly shorter).During this visit time, our team will:

  • Review the medical history for both you and your child
  • Find out what your and baby's  current challenges are
  • Ask you what your goals are for you and baby
  • Do specific exams of each of you – usually including observing a breastfeeding session with infant weight taken before and afterward
  • Design or update your individualized plan with you and give (and/or send) you handouts that will help you address any issues and begin your journey toward your goals
  • Arrange to follow up with you, as needed.

We want both you and your baby to have a healthy and enjoyable breastfeeding experience!

How can I get a breast pump?

Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, if you are returning to work or school or are having breastfeeding difficulties, insurance companies may provide you with a breast pump. This is based on your individual insurance contract and current deductible guidelines. Be sure to check with your insurance company about your coverage. Learn more.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement

As medical providers and lactation consultants, we have taken an oath to “Treat all clients equitably without regard to ability/disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, sex, ethnicity, race, national origin, political persuasion, marital status, geographic location, religion, socioeconomic status, age, within the legal framework of the respective geo-political region or setting” (IBCLC Code of Professional Conduct).

Breastfeeding Medicine of Connecticut welcomes people from all walks of life. We are an inclusive practice whose main focus is to help you and your family achieve your feeding goals. Families come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties whether chosen or biologically related.

We embrace the differences that make a person unique and special.

We respect the choices that you make as a family.

We foster an environment where you feel safe, heard, and supported.

We are committed to creating and maintaining a practice that embraces diversity in all forms: race, color, age, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity or expression, family or marital status, mental and physical abilities, and any other individual characteristics that make you, you!

By opening our minds and hearts to all, we have the ability to learn from you. Listening and learning from each other, we are working together to make positive, impactful changes thus leaving this world a better place for our children and their children.

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